Friday, September 19, 2008


Hey guys
Go check out the following link
You can look at pics of the audience in which me with my friend Dwain (aka Worked at Dolce & Gabbana in Dubai and now works as a freelance stylist) and my friend Justin looking fabulous in fur( aka the most awesome fashion freelancer at Cosmo) feature for cool neckwear!


Katie Holmes has taken the trend of the 'boyfriend jean' to a whole new level - lets call them HUBBY jeans! She has in fact been spotted more than ten times in the space of two weeks wearing Tom Cruises jeans! Now I don't have much of a problem with day... which ever.. in the last pic for some reason, I think its maybe the Fedora. Now in general I don't hate them TOO much (Too being the operative word) because I'm a sucker for a turn over but i definitely hate how baggy they are. Perhaps if they were made less baggy to fit woman with a slightly narrower turn over I wouldn't complain. But really Katie, I hope all the staff that run around you are washing them once in a while because a fort-night is a little over the top!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Black Coffee

Abigail Betz

Last night was the second and final night of Sanlam Fashion week Cape Town. We had a great time at the event and met some awesome people but again the collections were not up to scratch! I was very disappointed at most of the shows again. Amongst the average was Diamond Face, Stoned Cherry- I think she is great and I'm all for making Fashion in S.A, African- but i really don't like Lakanga fabric and she always uses them- they are boring now because every designer trying to show African culture in design uses them. There is simply no innovation in showcasing our culture anymore-, Lunar- pretty and fresh but nothing that any old designer couldn't do and Ruby- which hasn't changed its stock or underwear at YDE since the shop started way way back when.

I enjoyed Black Coffee, however its was not amazing in comparison to the breathtaking show they did last year - I was very impressed by all the structuring, the work that went into the sewing and the designs. They were sort of space age/Victorian structuring meets African. The styling was very Chanel with fingerless gloves and the matching shoe cuffs the models wore reminded me of the Manolo's Nicky Hilton wears in my previous post 'put a little Spring in your step'. Very unique!

Here is their Inspiration:"The key idea in this collection is innovative construction. We want to define a new modern African aesthetic and have used geometrical African fabrics found in Mozambique which have an optical effect on the eye. This is enhanced by the meticulous way in which this range is constructed. We have also incorporated craft elements by our Mpumalanga crafter group which we're working with as part of the SSAFW/Department of Arts and Culture Fashion Fusion project. The result is a contemporary alternative to traditional dress. The garments are multidimensional, body-defying and almost sculptural. Every piece is folded and tucked to simultaneously conceal and reveal the shape of the wearer."
Key Words:Innovation, Construction, African, Modern

I liked Abigail Betz who had some very pretty things. She used feathers and flowers which was beautiful too so here is the run down on her.

Brief Biography: Abigail's label has made great strides since its humble beginnings in Cape Town. With partner, Maria Dracatos and husband,Louis Meyer, she recently opened her first flagship store in The Mall of Rosebank, which stocks her ready-to-wear couture, bridal dresses and line of cosmetics called 'The Sweet Range'. The store opening also marked the launch of the Abigail Betz Bridal Lifestyle Portfolio, an A - Z bridal package that will offer brides a full service to create the perfect Abigail Betz signature wedding. Plans are also afoot to introduce a menswear range aimed at the sophisticated male consumer. Abigail has also been invited to show her Summer 08/09 collection at China's Guangzhou Fashion Week in December 2008 following a recent trip with fellow top SA designers to showcase in China's major cities as part of the government's Ten Years of Diplomacy with China celebrations.

Summer 2008/09
Inspiration:"My work with the Free State crafters as part of the SSAFW/Department of Arts and Culture Fashion Fusion Project has inspired me to experiment with different design elements - from the natural fabrics to the colours and textures I'll be using. This range is a new take on my signature feminine look and should be a pleasant surprise."


Last night was a whirlwind of fashion shows and launches. First on my agenda was the launch of Tracy Mc Greggor's new line of dresses at Blue Bay - I have to be honest - I hated her line! It was clearly a thoughtless publicity stunt. Her dresses were run of the mill, very corny, out-dated and extremely over priced ! She only had plus/minus five dresses in her collection and if I could describe them I would say they are like the most generic dresses you could find at YDE. I must admit she looked great in one of them - models look great in anything though- but that was as far as it goes! They were not trendy or classic and boasted no design talent at all. Sorry Tracy but snake skin, and stretchy sequined bands are very last, last, last season!

So next Tarryn (aka my best friend and the fashion assistant at Marie Claire) and I zooted off to the Old Biscuit Mill for Sanlam Fashion Week Cape Town. There were three designers showcasing their collections- Miss Scarlet, I love Leroy and Two. Again I hate to be a cynic but i was not that impressed with Miss Scarlet or two.They were very boring and extremely boring featuring capre pants, cardigans,50's inspired three quarter skirts but with very little detailing or texture.

I did heart I love Leroy however- which had some amazing high waisted shirts and blouses. The outfits that stood out the most to me were some amazing vintage costumes with geometric prints and frills, and a high waisted pink skirt with ruffles, covered buttons and bow detailing.

Next was the exciting part - The Malcolm Kluk show! It was SENSATIONAL- his whole theme was like a fairy tale,1950's tea party! The dresses were absolutely breathtaking - never a shock coming from him. His use of textures and 3-D flowers was divine. He used brocade, florals, sheer, frills and chunky, roped diamante necklaces and detailed waist belts. The models had their hair teased back into messy B-hives with thin head bands and big fake flowers detailing around the head- it was so beautiful! My favourite dresses were:

A fully beaded coral, blue, red and gold bodice with a yellow massive layered, meringue skirt..

Then a yellow retro inspired, 60's floral print party-gown with a sash coming up from the waist line across the shoulder with diamante detailing on the waist. Phenomenal!

My hat goes off to the Kluk team for an effortlessly chic collection and event!

Tonight I head back to Sanlam Fashion week where I hope to be pleasantly inspired! so until then

Friday, September 12, 2008


This seasons Spring 2009 has seen some knock-out runway collections. Here are a few of my favourites!!!!

Nicole Miller

Inspiration: Menswear and mosaic
The mosaic catwalk was the perfect backdrop for the variety of colorful prints worn on the runway. Menswear-inspired relaxed jackets and slouchy trousers added a fine balance to the bold collection. A sure-fire standout was the beaded cocktail dress (at left) which led the finale, and seemed to be a favorite of actress Melissa George, who smiled widely while sitting in the front row.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Inspiration: "an homage to [legendary fashion editor] Diana Vreeland who taught us we could be goddesses and rock stars," but the bohemian designs could have just as easily been inspired by von Furstenberg's own jetsetting youth.

Smiling models showed off floaty ruffled dresses, embellished tunics and satin harem pants, all worn with rich-hippie headbands.


Inspiration: City Life
The sportswear legend celebrated the 20th anniversary of her diffusion line with a runway show dedicated to the city that has inspired her. The bright separates, sporty items and feminine flourishes were decidedly youthful, but it was the finale that proved Karan's focus on the future. The designer danced down her runway with a group of children clad in the brand new DKNY Kids line.