Friday, June 27, 2008

GREEN with envy

It's time to GO GREEN!!!
I first started thinking about the link between fashion and the environment in an episode of The O.C when Summer (Racheal Bilson- one of my ultimate style icons) sported a cute Tee saying 'More Trees, Less Bush'. I thought it was brilliant and immediately got going on making my own identical one since i couldn't have hers. More importantly it sparked my interest in eco-friendly clothing. With the growing threats of, for example, Global warming there has been a mad rush amongst fashion industries world wide to use environmentally friendly materials such as 100% cotton, natural dyes and fabrics and recylced plastic.

Yes i know what you thinking... it doesnt sound too appealing walking into a trendy nightclub wearing a potatoe sack, but that's where you're wrong ! Guess has recently followed this trend in an amazing way by creating their 'Go Green' line featuring organic cotton Tee's and organic denim (Featured in the pictures above). On top of that they are promising to donate 10% of every purchase to promoting environmental awareness. So who said natural couldn't be trendy.

Going Green doesn't only limit you to wearing organic and recycled materials but also reaches out to all you vintage babes! Vintage fashion is the in thing at the moment thanks to celebs such as the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller. Anyone who is anyone is frantically going through the bursting racks of vintage stores around the world. My first encounter with the vintage trend was back in 2003 when i was lucky enough the walk the pavements of Oxford street during a holiday to London. Here in Topshop i found a vintage inspired collection to die for and i have never looked back! By buying vintage clothes not only are you keeping up with the latest fashion trends and looking fabulously Indie chic, you will also be contributing to the environment by slightly lessening the market for the production of new clothes... think of it as recycling!

I was amazed to read that in Camden market, London there has been a 'Go Green' clothes swap. To explain, its like a jumble sale except instead of using money to buy someones second hand clothes, people have been bartering their own in return! So if I like yours and you like mine - It's a deal and It's FANTASTIC! What an innovative way to spring clean and shop simultaneously!
In the next couple of weeks I am going to be in search of more environmentally friendly fashions that are available in South Africa, and showing how you too can be a style star and an environmentalist! Its time to spread the word and 'GO GREEN' SA

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