Thursday, August 28, 2008


Good Afternoon my fellow fashionista's
I have been loving my internship at Cosmo, I am not in the fashion department here but I will be moving down stairs to fashion at Marie Claire on the first of October so I will be able to share all that fabulousity with you.

I'm currently working as the art director and Special features editors intern. We are putting together the Cosmo Rocks issue and its so great. My two favourite things in life- career wise -are magazines (fashion department of course) and music. So I am loving dealing with record labels and artists!

The Cosmo offices are great! Pink walls, lots of space, blown up mag covers everywhere, the best coffee machine in the world and of course my all time favourite place - a smokers corner on the stairs outside hahaha.

Its so great being surrounded by powerful women who are succeeding in their field. Its like a whirlwind office of talent and ambition.

Its the best experience I have ever had and I am so glad I niggled and niggled.... and niggled until I got the opportunity!

Anyway friends my lunch break is officially over and back to the grind stone I go - working has never been so worth it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hello all,

I have finally achieved my ultimate goal!!! I was not only offered one internship but TWO in the space of one day! How strange after all this time. I am so so so excited to start at Cosmo on Monday and then move straight on to Marie Claire. I AM OVER THE MOON! SO I will be in Cape Town for the next two months and will be blogging from there. I will of coarse be filling you in on my experiences and using the knowledge I will gain in my blog -Persistence really does pay off! YAY. Have a fabulous weekend and until then chow chow!

Monday, August 18, 2008

straight off the CAT-walk

Cat in the hat

Derek Lam Spring 2008

Leapord print is making a come back. A friend of mine recently went to London and said that it was everywhere. And by the looks of our favourite fashionista's its fearlessly fashionable!!! So take a walk on the wild side in a bold dress like anja rubik's vintage find, or try a more suble look with a pair of leapord print pumps ( Ok so Zoe Kravitz boots are Tiger print but its all the same effect) or a scalf like the Louis Vuitton one worn by Sienna.


Ok so we wern't crazy about the trashy not flashy dress Anne Hathaway wore to the 2007 oscars but Bows have been a long tradition in pretty-fying a cardi, handbag or blouse, but this season they have been spotted more and more on the ramps of designers like Luelle, Marc Jacobs, Cloe and Marcio Madeira. Bows are a big trend on dresses, tops and on hair accessories this season. The aesthetic of a bow has become a favourite, with pictures of bows sported on Tees all around (find your own at MR Price)

Here are ways to bring this playful element into your waredrobe this season:

1. Hair accessories are a hot trend so why not tie a floral silk scalf in a floppy bow around your head.
2. Wear a pussybow on a blouse under a structured jacket
3. Sport a bow tie if you are a bold and brave style icon in your own right.
4. Wearing a bow on your pumps is easy because they are readily available at stores

Friday, August 15, 2008

DAY 3 at SWG

Hello my fellow fashionista's,
Sorry for the late update but here is the run down of my SWG shoot on Wednesday!
What a fantastic day, I got up at the crack of dawn and made my way down to the fabulous beach side location we were shooting at. We had an execptionally special team and i met so many wonderful people. The brilliant Justin Mc Gee was the photographer with stylist and aspiring photog friend JP (Just love him), Candice Dreiry did the make-up and totally brightened up our early early early and freezing freezing freezing cold morning with her bubbly amazingness, and of coarse the gorgeouse models! It was a great day and again I am so excited for the end result. Todays feel was very retro and the location was fulled with bright colours,the props lollipops and bubbles so you can only imagine how the shoot will translate in print against the geometric prints of the era.

TIP #3
Be extra helpful cause in the end that is what you are there for and is what is really appretiated! Always be on top form- and go the extra mile -you will be valued far more and whether its the same person you are assisting or any other proffesional on shoot, you will make a good name for yourself and probably open more doors for yourself through those people!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Fringed boots are totally abfab!!! Also named the poccohantis boot, they fit ever so snugly into the boho trend and secure both comfort and style simultaneously - this is why they are a must have this season! So I know we are hitting summer soon YAY! but that doesn't mean we should all leave this key item to rot in the back of our closets, dismissing it as strictly winter wear, INFACT I feel that they shine the most against the bare pins of shorts and skirt lovers! My favourites types are in suede which is great for the day esspecially if they flat but high leather ones look totally boho chic at night. I love that flat boots are so popular cause these boots are definately made for walking and thats just what they'll do (making it a heck of a lot easier to run too if need be :))!!!!!


My absolute favourite trend in accessories at the moment is hands down the dramatic, costume jewellery that has been seen on the runways and splashed in magazines this season. The biggest hit and boldest statement in the accessories world at the moment seems to be this form of necklace. The look is jewelled and enamal, chunky and bold and sits higher on the chest than the longer pendant necklaces that have been popular for some time. John Galliano sported the statement piece in his resort collection and Aggy wore one on the cover of Vogue last month. I heart heart heart Vogue's choice with a mix of enamal flowers and owl's!! So girls, if your feet arnt sore enough, your shoes arnt heavy enough and your handbag isn't big enough here it is - the ten ton but totally fabulous new look in necklaces this season hehe !!!!

DAY 2 at SWG

So my day started off getting terribly lost, with no airtime and of coarse no shop in sight. But I finally found my way to Pure photographic studio - only with the help of some friendly passers by who checked out one frantic girl driving around in 200 circles minus one common sense and agreed to advise me on my new route (in the total opposite direction i might add hehe) ! As i arrived on shoot my day did a complete 180 - what a great experience- blank, curved walls, racks of clothes, make-up artists, editors and one heck of a great photographer. Today was the editorial and cover shoot and we had a ball! The team at SWG and all their contracted employees are so fun and friendly so i felt very much at home as i helped out on the set, steaming clothes, making coffee - one or two smoke breaks in between of course- and giving a wee bit of input on design ideas and which shots i thought were great. The vibe was relaxed but very exciting and i absorbed every little thing i possibly could. When the day sadly came to an end i was buzzing and drove home with a great big smile on my face - what a day! - I cant wait for the issue to hit the stands ITS GONNA BE A KNOCK OUT!!!

TIP #2

Dont be scared to ask questions (at the right times of course) !!!I learned so much about how people broke in to the industry by asking them about their stories. It really is valuable knowledge if you too are trying to break in because you can learn so many things from the experiences of people already there and that can definately aid you in reaching your fashion destination faster!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

DAY 1 at SWG

Today was a fabulous day at Salt Water Girl, I woke up devoid of my alarm clock - clearly with great anticipation - for my first day helping Candice on the October bonus issue of SWG!!! We had a blast chit-chatting and carry on in the store room whilst we unpacked boxes and boxes of items and ooogled over the summer must have's that were sent for the up coming issue. My task for today was to help her style the shoots- selecting different items to suit the different mis-en-scene's of the shoots... This looks great with that, these will shoot fantastically together and so on and so forth. It was total bliss!!! As i go along this week i will be giving my own tips to you aspiring stylist about interning - purely from my perspective of what i have learned.

TIP #1

Dont be afraid to give your own stylistic in put. Obviously fashion editors are complete proffesionals and know better than anyone what is trendy and appealing, but dont be afraid to give your own opinion, it will not only help you learn from them better but it will also give you more confidence as your ideas may be really insightful !!!- and how rewarding would it be to look at the finished issue and have a small piece of you in it.

YAY im super excited!!! Tomorrow is another day.... and i cant wait to fill you in on my journey, so until then chow chow


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So you've heard that head gear aka hats and hair accessories are more in than ever but here are my favourite pic's for the day! They are a really fun, inexpensive and an easy choice to set off a trend alarm.
Thin woven head bands worn on top of the back of your hair
(like mk has done with her peacock inspired band) are really in. You can even make your own by weaving three thin strands of cord together - VOILA its that easy!!!! I also absolutely love Rock n Roll daughter Zoe Kravitz knotted head band, it makes such a statement in red against her simple, neutral coloured dress - thank goodness matchy- matchy's out- its so boring. Tip: For supreme style, mix and match colours and prints but if your a little shy add a different splash of colour like miss Kravitz has done with a headband!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


OK so I've been desperately awaiting an internship at a fashion magazine! Its hard work, having to constantly pester the HR ladies and who ever else i can get my hands on, hehehe. But finally I'm getting somewhere!!!! Next Monday is the start of first short term internship at Salt Water girl where I'll be working on some summery inspirations with the fabulous fashion Editor Candice Meiring. I'm super duper excited and ill be diarizing my styling journey here for all you guys! YAY!!!!! If anyone else out there is in the same boat as me -maybe presently sinking but soon to sail with the help of lots and lots and lots and lots of persistence ;) -check out this link on

It's really too hilarious in its tong in cheek attempt at giving helpful tips to interns - so check it out!!!



SPOTTED - the ever so stylish Ashley Wentz-Simpson sporting a very low-profile baby bump and hubby Pete Wentz at the Lollapalooza music festival. Here are some other street style pic's from the festival, for those of you who dont know, Lollapalooza is an American music festival featuring alternative rock, hip hop, and punk rock bands, dance and comedy performances, and craft booths. Lollapalooza also provides a platform for non-profit and political groups. I just love the vintage-boho look that floated around!


As you might have seen plaid and tartan have been quite the rage in the fashion scene lately. House of Holland's fall '08 collection has taken tartan with a twist! Re-working it and bringing to life the usually boring aesthetic with their unique, signiture rocking 80's rave look!

Through the ever- genius eyes of Henry Holland we can no longer dismiss the fabric as lifeless and old fashioned - he has transformed it into what has been called a tartan/street style. A brilliant expression of European tradition and Punkish, British street style- what a quirky mix!!
1. Mix and match multiple checks
2. Vivid plaids, shot through with violet, emerald, turquise and orange give the trend a youthful


There once was a boy called Henry,

(Whose taste was somewhat bendy…),

With a pash for fash,

And all things flash,

He was quite the talk of the trendy.

One day Henry had an idea,

And a genius one it was clear,

For a range of t-shirts,

That were so hip they hurt,

"Anna Wintour'll love 'em", he cheered!

So he set about thinking of slogans,

That the fash crowd would lap up like no-one's,

His fave celebs,Designers (and plebs),

None were safe, and he had so much fun!

That's how House of Holland was born,

(on the name he never was torn),

"Buy this Coleen!",

His first t-shirt screamed,

And so Heat magazine got on board…

The rest, as they say, is history,

And there really is no great mystery,

If you want to be cool,

At work, play or school,

Better snap one up pretty damn swiftly.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hey friends
if you enjoyed my post on aggy 101, go check out her new music single 'five o'clock heroes' on youtube. Here is the link

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ever wonder what style of shades really compliments you ? Here is the low down on which styles suit which face type.

OVAL face : aka Liv Tyler
This means you have a slightly narrower jaw than temples, your jaw should gently taper at the chin if this is you.

Its your lucky day cause you are able to experiment, most styles suit you but the most suited are: OVERSIZED glasses, wrap arounds and aviators

SQUARE face: aka Gweneth Paltrow
You have a strong jaw line and the same width face at teh forehead as it is across your cheekbones.

The most styling choices you could make would be: Curvy styles like ovals and cat eyes which help take emphasis away from your jaw.

LONG face: aka Hillary Swank
You have a long and slender face with a narrow chin and a high forehead

Shine like the sun in: Square and round glasses with decorative sides as these add width to the face.

ROUND face: aka Mischa Barton
Go for: Softly angled or reclangular styles that are equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face- this will make it look longer and thinner - eg. RAYBANS

You have amazingly wide cheekbones that taper down to a small chin.
you should HEART: Rimless styles or angular and aviator shapes to balance a narrow chin