Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok so its a universal fact that wearing socks with sandles is (or should i say was) THE fashion faux pas of the century, but this is fastly changing! High heels worn with short or knee length socks have been spotted all around town, and it comes as a great shock to me that they are looking ever so chic!! . Vogue has been doing it for a while, SPJ sported them in the 'Sex and the City' movie, and Alexander Mc Queen has even gone to the extreme of using the trend in mens wear ( this I still cant get my mind around). If i hadn't seen the proof of the pudding it would have taken me a long time to get my mind around the idea, but it just looks so great. Check out the pics i posted below and tell me what you think. I'm totally loving them paired with shorts and mini's and i hope you do to. So come on girls join the fashion revolution - and why not kill two birds with one stone -be comfortable and do it in style!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A tropical mecca, it's like stepping into Disney world but with booze! Maputo's club 'Coconuts' is reminisant of any Hollywood movie that involves a plane crash and a desserted island. It's the place to be on a friday night and is filled wall to wall with breathtakingly beautiful and totally styling girls. Im embarrased to admit that i really didn't expect Maputo to be home to so many fashionista's but what a fantastic suprise! The most popular style item in Maputo was hands down the high-waisted jean, handfuls of girls rocked the style in different ways! There were onzies and jumpsuits, waistcoats and wedges, skinny's and rah-rah skirts, to name a few - all put together in divine dedication to fashion. Watch out world, Maputo's fashionista's are taking over!!! See the photo's below!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi my fellow fashionista's

Im leaving for my fabulous getaway to mozambique this morning, so i wont be putting up posts until next month. Dont miss me too much

Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Globetrekker is the new nomad in Europe and that's great news for us ROMAINING here in Africa, because the African prints that are looking so exotic and so in are not only easy to find but also allow us Africans to express our culture through our clothes.
Like i mentioned in other posts, bold prints are in and they fit ever so snuggly in to the latest trends ie. safari and boho.

There was a great focus on Afri-chic at this years fashion week, with designers embracing our culture and identity as Africans through their collections. The attached picture was from a South African designer (unfortunately it didnt say who) at S.A fashion week and it just shows that South African designers are creating collections that match if not better high end international designers. Checkout and check out Kobus Dippenaar and Marriane Fassler they were my favourite Afro-chic designers this year. All of them gave European designers a run for their money in regards to using African prints in maxi dresses and bohemian styles. ANother really hot label is Lalesso who will be openeing Cape Town Fashion Week. They have a appeared in Cleo, Glamour, Cosmo and more and there African Khanga fabrics are becoming a bit all around.

Wear African prints in maxi dresses/onzies/mini's with woven belts, head bands, waistcoats and to get the boho glam look jewel the tops of them.

I HEART LIVING IN AFRICA esspecially when it makes being fashion forward so easy!!!


Notice: Jewells with boho florals and prints


Notice: Fringe, paisleys, waistcoats, tie dye, studs


Notice: Bright colours, block prints, military inspired jackets, maxi dresses, mixed florals, gladiators, African prints


70's boho has taken a turn this season. What we are seeing on the ramps is a far more refined and glamorous look with high-end designers like Veronica Etro and Missoni using sequinned details, studs on or with bright florals and block prints- lets call it BOHO-GLAM! Gone are 2005's more flamboyant boho looks, we are now facing a boho revolution were key boho items like the waistcoat are showing up in glossy mags in leathers adorned with fringe and or studs.

The waistcoat is already a fav item in S.A with most shops stocking one or more types. What we have generally seen here are metallics, denims, pinstripes and neutral colours and of course these are still fabulous but if you're looking to be slightly more fashion forward get an existing one studded or a leather one made- people are always weary when getting items made, but I'm a huge believer in getting things made, firstly shops are getting ultra expensive - finding a designer that is not only cheap but good at sewing can actually be very easy. Secondly the items are made for your body and lastly you are getting something one of a kind! If this isnt for you just get yourself a leather jacket as an alternative - the looks of the season mean mixing them with florals and chiffons and there are so many good fakes out there at the moment if your on a budget like me ;)

Studding a waistcoat is actually very easy all you need to do is go and buy some clawed -studs, push them through the fabric in the design you wish, fold over the claws at the back and VOILA!!!

Here are some BOHO-GLAM essentials this season:

1. FLARED PANTS/JEANS set against












For the beach grab any earthy toned bikini around and accessorize with head scalves and chunky metal/wooden jewellery!!! Then throw on a kaftan and hit the beach cafe for sundowners!

Shoes wise: The gladiator sandal, the fringed- knee high- gladiator is all over the ramps as you will see in the Etro pictures i posted. Also chunky wedges and platforms. A good old pump always works with boho when you can get hold of a gladiator sandal!

So get innovative - getting any boho look is about trying different combinations! Use studded/leather woven waistbelts to mix things up, layer clothes to get a bohemian mish-mash for the day or night. The good news for the aspiring boho-glam gal is bejewelled and metallic dresses are everywhere so use them but flip the style with waistcoats and knits to get this more boho look.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

AGGY 101

I cant get enough of glam-rock model Aggyness Deyn! She is way cool and totally my modern day muse. Since today's inspiration has been PUNK- ROCK i had to pay tribute to THE rock goddess.

AGGY 101:

REAL NAME: Laura Hollins.

FIRST JOB: Sold Fish and Chips


FAVOURITE DESIGNERS: Burberry, House of Holland, Proenza Schouler, and Gilles Deacon.


BEST FRIEND: Henry Holland (House of Holland)

IDOL: The Queen

STYLE: "Jackie O crossed with Debbie Harry meets Stevie Nicks and 1920's punk". Prefering to get her inspiration from men's fashion.


HOW STEAMY!!! Kanye West started the trend with his single 'Stronger' and he has created a world wide phenomenon with Shutter Shades being sold out on most websites. Shutter shades are inspired by the fashion of the 1980's fused with a futuristic touch, Shutter Shades bridge the gap between styles of the past, present and future. Order them online at Its a statement craze thats sure to shock, so if ur a fashion forward-neon-rock chick these are a must have in neon colours so go order a pair quick! I HEART SHUTTERSHADES!!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Dont blend into the...... background! Make a statement this season with BOLD prints. Missioni and Pucci are known for their bold prints but they are especially in at the moment. So wear them on a party dress, tunic dress paired with a woven or wide belt or during the day like Vanessa H with some skinny's or shorts to WOW the crowds!!