Monday, July 7, 2008

GREEN with envy link

Hello my fashion forward tree huggers
I HEART AFRICA !! Here Ryan Phillipe goes green with Tee from the eco-friendly fashion store, 'Omnipeace'.
Here is a link to a great site i found on up to date eco fashion news. Go check out and follow the movement! Here is a post about the clothes swap I told you about in part one of GREEN with Envy. I found it on the site and isn't it great that dogged down Linsay Lohan is involved - publicity stunt or not if she can support it so should we all!!!

Lindsay Lohan Is The Face Of Ethical Fashion?

"Lindsay Lohan has agreed to become the face of “Visa Swap” — a pop-up shop of sorts happening this summer in London’s Convent Gardens. The whole idea is to get people to bring their old used clothing to the swap in return for Visa points (based on the value of their swag). A few weeks later, people can then return to trade their points in for others’ second-hand items. Any of the clothing that fails to sell will be donated to TRAID, a British organization that raises money to support communities in developing countries by recycling clothing through its network of stores.
For her part, Lohan will be appearing in a series of ads for the campaign dressed in vintage clothing. Supposedly, we’ll see the shots in June — but don’t expect the partying-actress with a personal wardrobe rarely worn twice to suddenly go “green” with fashion. We see a paycheck behind this move rather than anything of real substance."

Also take a look at Woolworths' 100% organic cotton range, they have some great basics.

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