Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok so its a universal fact that wearing socks with sandles is (or should i say was) THE fashion faux pas of the century, but this is fastly changing! High heels worn with short or knee length socks have been spotted all around town, and it comes as a great shock to me that they are looking ever so chic!! . Vogue has been doing it for a while, SPJ sported them in the 'Sex and the City' movie, and Alexander Mc Queen has even gone to the extreme of using the trend in mens wear ( this I still cant get my mind around). If i hadn't seen the proof of the pudding it would have taken me a long time to get my mind around the idea, but it just looks so great. Check out the pics i posted below and tell me what you think. I'm totally loving them paired with shorts and mini's and i hope you do to. So come on girls join the fashion revolution - and why not kill two birds with one stone -be comfortable and do it in style!

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