Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A tropical mecca, it's like stepping into Disney world but with booze! Maputo's club 'Coconuts' is reminisant of any Hollywood movie that involves a plane crash and a desserted island. It's the place to be on a friday night and is filled wall to wall with breathtakingly beautiful and totally styling girls. Im embarrased to admit that i really didn't expect Maputo to be home to so many fashionista's but what a fantastic suprise! The most popular style item in Maputo was hands down the high-waisted jean, handfuls of girls rocked the style in different ways! There were onzies and jumpsuits, waistcoats and wedges, skinny's and rah-rah skirts, to name a few - all put together in divine dedication to fashion. Watch out world, Maputo's fashionista's are taking over!!! See the photo's below!

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