Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Globetrekker is the new nomad in Europe and that's great news for us ROMAINING here in Africa, because the African prints that are looking so exotic and so in are not only easy to find but also allow us Africans to express our culture through our clothes.
Like i mentioned in other posts, bold prints are in and they fit ever so snuggly in to the latest trends ie. safari and boho.

There was a great focus on Afri-chic at this years fashion week, with designers embracing our culture and identity as Africans through their collections. The attached picture was from a South African designer (unfortunately it didnt say who) at S.A fashion week and it just shows that South African designers are creating collections that match if not better high end international designers. Checkout and check out Kobus Dippenaar and Marriane Fassler they were my favourite Afro-chic designers this year. All of them gave European designers a run for their money in regards to using African prints in maxi dresses and bohemian styles. ANother really hot label is Lalesso who will be openeing Cape Town Fashion Week. They have a appeared in Cleo, Glamour, Cosmo and more and there African Khanga fabrics are becoming a bit all around.

Wear African prints in maxi dresses/onzies/mini's with woven belts, head bands, waistcoats and to get the boho glam look jewel the tops of them.

I HEART LIVING IN AFRICA esspecially when it makes being fashion forward so easy!!!

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