Thursday, August 28, 2008


Good Afternoon my fellow fashionista's
I have been loving my internship at Cosmo, I am not in the fashion department here but I will be moving down stairs to fashion at Marie Claire on the first of October so I will be able to share all that fabulousity with you.

I'm currently working as the art director and Special features editors intern. We are putting together the Cosmo Rocks issue and its so great. My two favourite things in life- career wise -are magazines (fashion department of course) and music. So I am loving dealing with record labels and artists!

The Cosmo offices are great! Pink walls, lots of space, blown up mag covers everywhere, the best coffee machine in the world and of course my all time favourite place - a smokers corner on the stairs outside hahaha.

Its so great being surrounded by powerful women who are succeeding in their field. Its like a whirlwind office of talent and ambition.

Its the best experience I have ever had and I am so glad I niggled and niggled.... and niggled until I got the opportunity!

Anyway friends my lunch break is officially over and back to the grind stone I go - working has never been so worth it!

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