Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My absolute favourite trend in accessories at the moment is hands down the dramatic, costume jewellery that has been seen on the runways and splashed in magazines this season. The biggest hit and boldest statement in the accessories world at the moment seems to be this form of necklace. The look is jewelled and enamal, chunky and bold and sits higher on the chest than the longer pendant necklaces that have been popular for some time. John Galliano sported the statement piece in his resort collection and Aggy wore one on the cover of Vogue last month. I heart heart heart Vogue's choice with a mix of enamal flowers and owl's!! So girls, if your feet arnt sore enough, your shoes arnt heavy enough and your handbag isn't big enough here it is - the ten ton but totally fabulous new look in necklaces this season hehe !!!!

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