Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So you've heard that head gear aka hats and hair accessories are more in than ever but here are my favourite pic's for the day! They are a really fun, inexpensive and an easy choice to set off a trend alarm.
Thin woven head bands worn on top of the back of your hair
(like mk has done with her peacock inspired band) are really in. You can even make your own by weaving three thin strands of cord together - VOILA its that easy!!!! I also absolutely love Rock n Roll daughter Zoe Kravitz knotted head band, it makes such a statement in red against her simple, neutral coloured dress - thank goodness matchy- matchy's out- its so boring. Tip: For supreme style, mix and match colours and prints but if your a little shy add a different splash of colour like miss Kravitz has done with a headband!

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