Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hello all,

I have finally achieved my ultimate goal!!! I was not only offered one internship but TWO in the space of one day! How strange after all this time. I am so so so excited to start at Cosmo on Monday and then move straight on to Marie Claire. I AM OVER THE MOON! SO I will be in Cape Town for the next two months and will be blogging from there. I will of coarse be filling you in on my experiences and using the knowledge I will gain in my blog -Persistence really does pay off! YAY. Have a fabulous weekend and until then chow chow!

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valen said...

hey!!! just a blog fan from argentina but i read your post and its like, mind blowng, great news, dreamjobs for any of us so, good luck and hope you get some time to keep up wth this blog!