Monday, August 18, 2008


Ok so we wern't crazy about the trashy not flashy dress Anne Hathaway wore to the 2007 oscars but Bows have been a long tradition in pretty-fying a cardi, handbag or blouse, but this season they have been spotted more and more on the ramps of designers like Luelle, Marc Jacobs, Cloe and Marcio Madeira. Bows are a big trend on dresses, tops and on hair accessories this season. The aesthetic of a bow has become a favourite, with pictures of bows sported on Tees all around (find your own at MR Price)

Here are ways to bring this playful element into your waredrobe this season:

1. Hair accessories are a hot trend so why not tie a floral silk scalf in a floppy bow around your head.
2. Wear a pussybow on a blouse under a structured jacket
3. Sport a bow tie if you are a bold and brave style icon in your own right.
4. Wearing a bow on your pumps is easy because they are readily available at stores

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