Tuesday, August 5, 2008


OK so I've been desperately awaiting an internship at a fashion magazine! Its hard work, having to constantly pester the HR ladies and who ever else i can get my hands on, hehehe. But finally I'm getting somewhere!!!! Next Monday is the start of first short term internship at Salt Water girl where I'll be working on some summery inspirations with the fabulous fashion Editor Candice Meiring. I'm super duper excited and ill be diarizing my styling journey here for all you guys! YAY!!!!! If anyone else out there is in the same boat as me -maybe presently sinking but soon to sail with the help of lots and lots and lots and lots of persistence ;) -check out this link on style.com http://www.style.com/trends/stylenotes/060208/slideshow/060208NOTES?loop=0&slideshowId=slideshow49147&iphoto=9&play=false

It's really too hilarious in its tong in cheek attempt at giving helpful tips to interns - so check it out!!!

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