Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DAY 2 at SWG

So my day started off getting terribly lost, with no airtime and of coarse no shop in sight. But I finally found my way to Pure photographic studio - only with the help of some friendly passers by who checked out one frantic girl driving around in 200 circles minus one common sense and agreed to advise me on my new route (in the total opposite direction i might add hehe) ! As i arrived on shoot my day did a complete 180 - what a great experience- blank, curved walls, racks of clothes, make-up artists, editors and one heck of a great photographer. Today was the editorial and cover shoot and we had a ball! The team at SWG and all their contracted employees are so fun and friendly so i felt very much at home as i helped out on the set, steaming clothes, making coffee - one or two smoke breaks in between of course- and giving a wee bit of input on design ideas and which shots i thought were great. The vibe was relaxed but very exciting and i absorbed every little thing i possibly could. When the day sadly came to an end i was buzzing and drove home with a great big smile on my face - what a day! - I cant wait for the issue to hit the stands ITS GONNA BE A KNOCK OUT!!!

TIP #2

Dont be scared to ask questions (at the right times of course) !!!I learned so much about how people broke in to the industry by asking them about their stories. It really is valuable knowledge if you too are trying to break in because you can learn so many things from the experiences of people already there and that can definately aid you in reaching your fashion destination faster!!!

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