Monday, August 11, 2008

DAY 1 at SWG

Today was a fabulous day at Salt Water Girl, I woke up devoid of my alarm clock - clearly with great anticipation - for my first day helping Candice on the October bonus issue of SWG!!! We had a blast chit-chatting and carry on in the store room whilst we unpacked boxes and boxes of items and ooogled over the summer must have's that were sent for the up coming issue. My task for today was to help her style the shoots- selecting different items to suit the different mis-en-scene's of the shoots... This looks great with that, these will shoot fantastically together and so on and so forth. It was total bliss!!! As i go along this week i will be giving my own tips to you aspiring stylist about interning - purely from my perspective of what i have learned.

TIP #1

Dont be afraid to give your own stylistic in put. Obviously fashion editors are complete proffesionals and know better than anyone what is trendy and appealing, but dont be afraid to give your own opinion, it will not only help you learn from them better but it will also give you more confidence as your ideas may be really insightful !!!- and how rewarding would it be to look at the finished issue and have a small piece of you in it.

YAY im super excited!!! Tomorrow is another day.... and i cant wait to fill you in on my journey, so until then chow chow


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